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David Krushak-Green


Need some writing work done? I am passionate about good writing. Whether you need genre fiction, game writing, articles, copy, SEO, or other writing, I can help you. I have academic experience in writing about a variety of topics, as well as many experiences from my life as a writer. My style is personable but always focused and incredibly meticulous. No project is too big or small. If you’d like a no-charge consultation, please feel free to send me an email!

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Since 2020, I have been the author and creator of a blog called Mr. Dave Pizza. I write mostly about indie gaming news and trends important to the indie game community. I also help showcase developers and their games as well as other topics. There are over 250 articles and game reviews on the website, and new content is added frequently. This is one of my most active projects. If you are interested, I can write articles of this nature for your projects as well.

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About Me

Writer, hobbyist, former bookseller, and Portland State University alumni. I graduated with a BS in Social Science in 2015 and also studied computer information systems and psychology. I am seeking out opportunities in video game development and creative writing, and am also currently working on a collection of multi-genre short stories. I am fascinated by the social science of creativity and technology–one of my favorite topics to write about.


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