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Into The Indies by Asimakis, N. and Illustrated by Spyropoulou, M.

Contributing Article Author (2023)

  • Staying Motivated When Making Indie Games (pages 192-195)
  • Getting Real About Marketing Your Game (pages 196-199)

ChoiceBeat – The Visual Novel and Interactive Fiction Zine

Article Writer, Regular Contributor (2022)

Indie Game Collective

Indie Game Showcaser and Active Community Member. (2021-Present)

I have showcased several indie games for developers through my affiliation with the Indie Game Collective. I have been a very active member the IGC community, and am grateful to them for all of the fostering of my career as a content creator. Most of these showcases were written for the Mr. Dave Pizza, while some were produced for YouTube.

MR. DAVE PIZZA!A Casual Indie Gaming Blog (

My personal blog project since 2020 highlights anything from indie games and visual novels to book reviews or short stories.

Investigative Game Review Highlights:

Self-published articles:

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